Visual Inspection of Ropeways - Winspect®

Winspect System

The Winspect inspection system is designed and optimised for the inspection of ropeway ropes. It can be used for the following ropeways:
  • Reversible ropeways
  • Tricable ropeways
  • Detachable gondola ropeways and chair lifts
  • Fixed-grip chair lifts
  • Ski lifts

It is suitable for haul ropes and hoisting ropes and also for track ropes. The device is mobile and robust in design. For the inspection, the device is suspended from a holder which is installed and aligned just once, and is ready for use in next-to-no time. One device can thus be used to inspect a large number of different ropeways in succession.

Where fixed-grip systems are concerned, after inspecting the clearance of the suspension and aligning the device, the vehicles can remain on the rope. After inspection, the device is removed from the system in just a few minutes so that operations can start again safely. Evaluation can be carried out bit by bit in flexible fashion during non-productive times of the ropeway, for example during reduced operations on account of poor weather conditions.

Winspect product video
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