Visual inspection of Cable-Stayed Bridges - Bridgespect®

BridgespectThe Winspect company has now added a testing device for the inspection of bridge ropes to its range in addition to its testing devices for ropeways and conveyor systems in mines. The ropes, which are protected against corrosion by a multi-layer coating (sheathing), have to be inspected visually as well as magneto-inductively at regular intervals in order to detect and repair any damage at an early stage.

With the visual bridge rope tester Bridgespect®, which was developed together with us at the Institute for Materials Handling and Logistics (IFT) of the University of Stuttgart, the ropes can be tested simultaneously semi-automatically visually as well as magneto-inductively.


For the visual inspection we have developed a modular Bridgespect® bridge tester, which can cover rope diameters from 95mm upwards. At least four colour cameras arranged at right angles to each other record the complete rope surface, document it completely and automatically evaluate it for surface damage using software.

This service is offered by our partner companies:


As with our rope testing devices for cableways and conveyor systems in mines, the testing personnel has the option of having a detailed test report issued after the analysis has been completed.

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