Benefits of automated rope inspection

Advantages for the operations manager:

  • Operational safety through precisely documented inspection results
  • Reproducible inspections
  • Reliable and precise detection and documentation of the state of the ropes
  • Ready to use in next-to-no time thanks to fixed installation device
  • High recording speed of up to 3 m/s
  • PC support for far shorter evaluation time
  • Greater reliability than visual inspection
  • Approved by the authorities as replacement for personal inspection
  • Rope inspection based on objective test criteria

Advantages for the managing director:

  • Reduced operating stoppages/shorter standstill times of the ropeway thanks to the visual inspection device Winspect®.
  • Monitoring the state of the rope throughout the whole service life permits verifiable, plannable investment.
  • Greater system availability
  • Manpower is reduced to one employee; the "swift recording" phase is now separated from "careful evaluation", permitting a distribution of labour with reduced costs.

Advantages for the inspection staff:

  • Avoidance of hazards, stresses and strains during the inspection.
  • Inspector can proceed with visual inspection alone and in less time.
  • Reduced concentration strain.

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