Winspect GmbH in Munich / Germany

Gebäude Winspect GmbH in München
The starting point for the development of the rope testing system Winspect® were instructions of the German Professional Association (Berufsgenossenschaft), that the examination of the cables does not meet the requirements of today's working safety regulations.

The previous testing was typically performed on ladders and in potentially dangerous test stations. In addition cold and high rope speed complicated the working conditions. At the same time, it depends on concentration and an accurate eye, so that every cable damage is detected. Thus, the purely visual examination is not appropriate for worker's security and does not lead to satisfactory inspection results. Defects can be overlooked too easy.

The cable test system Winspect® was developed together with the IFT and brought to market maturity by Automation W + R GmbH.
Due to the global demand for the Winspect® testing system the spin-off of Winspect GmbH & Co KG in Austria and Winspect GmbH in Munich was carried out. Both companies are dedicated to the development and international marketing of visual rope inspection systems.

Winspect GmbH & CoKG in Hochfilzen / Austria

Gebäude Winspect in Österreich
The Winspect® system for rope inspection enables defect detection and measurement of cable parameters that were previously impossible. So Winspect® provides a package of data on the rope, which allows for a better prognosis and responding actions to improve resilience and durability of your ropes. The automatic inspection of ropes has a wide variety of possible applications, ranging from cable cars over lifts to cranes. Please also note our Minespect® solution for shaft hoisting systems.