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The Schauinslandbahn, a special installation with historical character from 1930, is checking the towing ropes since 2010 with the Winspect® rope inspection system. On the basis of the high length of the towing rope of more than 14.000m the rope inspection is economical and quickly workable.

Manfred Bader,

representative Operations Manager of Schauinslandbahn:

„the marking of error locations is really helpful and the valuation of the abnormalities goes really quickly.

Railway data:

  • Business Opening in 1930 (Fa. Heckel), a modification took place in 1987 (Fa. PHW)
  • „the first large cabin orbit in the world “
  • 1 contract rope, 2 towing ropes (rope length over all more than 14.000 m)
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