Mayrhofner Bergbahnen AG, Austria

The Winspect® rope inspection system has been fitted to altogether 13 ropeways on 3 mountains: Horberg, Penken and Ahorn

Mayrhofner Bergbahnen AG is our reference customer in Austria, performing a parallel inspection lasting several months (personal and visual) as required by the BMVIT. Together with experience already gained with reference customers in Germany, the results led to approval being given by the BMVIT (Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) in autumn 2011.

Mr. Rauch, operations manager on Horberg:
"Using the visual rope inspection device, we were able to detect wire breaks in both systems which had not been detected by the personal visual inspection.
This comparison confirms the suitability and function of the rope inspection system when it comes to checking the ropes".

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