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At an altitude of 860 - 1,880 m, Steibis is one of Germany's loveliest ski resorts with reliable snow conditions. The ski arena provides ideal practising possibilities and splendid lift-to-lift downhill runs across wide, clear alpine pastures, without connecting pistes and wooded areas.

Visual rope inspection has been carried out here using Winspect® already since early 2010. The device is located at the station entry or exit at the Doppelmayr UNI-G stations. A bracket is also offered directly by Doppelmayr.

Tobias Moritz,
Operations manager at the new "Fluhexpress" on Steibis:
"I can now inspect the rope on my own and in far less time than before."

Winspect® is used to inspect the following ropeways:

  • 1 detachable gondola ropeway (8EUB)
  • 1 detachable chair lift (6-CLD-B)

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