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Style, elegance and class. This is the slogan of the region St. Moritz. That Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG is really modern, appears in relation to the visual rope inspection! A demonstration on the gondola “Marguns” convinced Operation Manager and executive board of the advantages of the Winspect® rope inspection system. Already in spring 2017 the system was delivered.

Thanks to the Winspect® rope inspection system, the cable railway experts can carry out the visual rope inspection for the most part in their office. This work they handle especially on bad weather days or for bridging in flexible time. Current all ropes of the railways, that are active in summer, are checked by the new inspection system. With the funicular railway «St. Moritz Dorf-Chantarella» we started in the new «Rope Checking Age».

We`re proud, the worldwide number one holiday destinations in the mountains has decided for us.

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