Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel

On 3rd October the motivated and active Jochberger were trained at the Winspect® rope inspection system for the next partly automated rope inspection. After a theoretical introduction to the important issue, the practically setup and launch in the mid-station of the Wagstättbahn, given by the Managing Director Andreas Innerhofer, his deputy Andreas Werlberger and the cableway operator Bernhard, follwed. The team was well prepared for the installation and so the ideal place of installation could be defined quickly.

“In the mid-station the ropes of both departments can be tested highly efficient” this as a reason for the selected place of inspection. The following first cable reel in the mid-station was the result and conclusion of the practically part. Followed by a training on the rope evaluation or rather the classification of the rope discrepancies.

We thank for the great preparation and welcome the Jochberger in our Winspect-Family!