Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG, Germany

Since 2009, the haul and hoisting ropes on Germany's highest mountain have been inspected with the Winspect® rope inspection system. Rope inspection replaces the visual personal inspection which has to be carried out every month. The company thus illustrates its innovative, pioneering role.

Markus Liebscher, operations manager of Kreuzeckbahn:
"The system is so easy to operate that it is meanwhile used for the monthly rope inspections on eight of our ropeways."

Old and new systems of many different types:

  • 2 reversible ropeways (for 80 and 44 passengers)
  • 4 detachable gondola ropeways (4 EUB, 8EUB, 15ZUB)
  • 2 detachable chair lifts (6-CLD-B, 4-CLD)
  • 2 fixed-grip chair lifts (2-CLF)

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